Adult Believing

Courses that introduce adults to the Christian faith (nurture or faith courses) have been on offer for about the past 20 years in Germany, in both big denominations, and with good results. The EKD initiative ADULT BELIEVING (2009-2012) lead to further developments in this field of church practice. These developments were assisted and researched by the IEEG by offering academic education and carrying out research about a variety of nurture courses and their impact. In this regard, the main interest of research was the connection of nurture courses and their connection to church development.
The IEEG edited the Anglican EMMAUS course. During the process of translation the course was also adapted to the German context. The IEEG belongs to the advisors of the Fachkonferenz Erwachsen glauben (Committee Adult Believing) in the AMD (Agency for Mission Ministries). Nurture and Faith courses are researched by the IEEG in order to enlighten the interdependencies between church development and the experiences of practitioners.


Jens Monsees

Carla J. Witt

Michael Herbst