Further current research projects

„Partnership for Missional Church“

„Partnership for Mission Church“ (PMC) is a process of missionary church development that stems from the USA and from South Africa. For a period of approximately three years, 12-15 local churches work together on the question: What is the missional future that God promises to us? Common reading of the Bible plays an equally a decisive role in this process, as does the survey of the respective context. For Germany, such a project is being planned in cooperation with further European partners.


Project „nebenan“

Together with the IEEG, the Pomeranian Evangelical Church initiated the missionary project „nebenan“ („next door“) in a large housing estate in Bergen-Rotensee (Isle of Rügen). In elementary forms of sharing daily life in this largely unchurched” area of the city, the Christian faith is communicated. In this, Anglican experience with „fresh expressions of church“ are tested for the Eastern-German church context. The project is assisted by the IEEG.