Agency for Mission Ministries


Part of the tasks of the IEEG is to serve as an Agency for Missionary Services for the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of North Germany, with special focus on West Pomerania.


The agency advises the different levels of church leadership, on questions of missionary church development, as well as on evangelism, and supports local congregations in the development of their ministry; including the planning processes of congregational development, e.g. when organising nurture courses. Furthermore, we offer to local congregations, parish councils, synods, and diaconal facilities to give talks on questions of mission, evangelism, and church development. Motivation, assistance, and training of lay volunteers is, also, one of the tasks of the agency; e.g. as with the project „next door“ (a church plant in a housing estate in Bergen, on the isle of Rügen) or with the project „Jugendkirche“ (church for young people) in Stralsund.