Mission and Context

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Fresh X at the IEEG

The IEEG is engaged with Fresh Expressions of Church in two ways: On the one hand with courses, on the other hand with research on Fresh X. Furthermore the IEEG places value on evaluation and cooperation within the German Fresh X network where it functions as theological consultant and tutor. The IEEG also publishes books and papers on this topic. 

Members of the Fresh X team of the IEEG are Prof. Dr. Michael Herbst, Carla J. Witt, M.A., Pfr. Patrick Todjeras, Dipl.-Theol. Felix Eiffler, Dipl.-Theol. Andreras C. Jansson and Dipl.-Theol. Andreas Scheuermann.

What is the "Greifswalder Studienprogramm" (GSP)?

Social change challenges church and society because of its long-term consequences. In order to create sustainable church development, church has to care about two things: On the one hand, church needs to know its own task and mission, on the other hand, church needs to understand causes, dynamics and processes of social change. 

The IEEG carries out research with regard to both of these aspects. They created an approach to church development which is inspired by the ecumenical Fresh Expressions of Church (fxC) and is taught at the University of Greifswald as "Greifswalder Studienprogramm" (GSP). 

What is the goal of the GSP?

The GSP targets to provide students with the basics of missionary and contextual development of church and the skills to fulfill the corresponding tasks. This goal is achieved by dealing with central theological subjects as the following:

  • Missio Dei
  • Church Theory
  • Church development combining local and regional strength
  • The relationship between church and community
  • Contextualisation
  • Discipleship
  • Team Leadership

Furthermore, the GSP reflects the sociodemographic change and teaches fundamental skills of social-scientific work. In the programme, the students learn to analyse and examine many models of new church forms from Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands. This programme targets to enable students to apply practical-theological expertise from other countries to the German context. The IEEG itself has researched the German context for years. Thanks to this research the IEEG is a competent partner in order to participate in church-theoretical discourse about designing the future of the church.